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What Makes A Great Hair Salon

Finding a great hair salon in Oakland doesn’t have to be difficult when you know what to look for. Don’t just look on the surface but dig a little deeper to consider the overall experience of the salon. From the time you make your first appointment, you should notice that the systems and service create consistency in the way they are delivered. Here are six qualities of excellent salons.

They Embrace Technology

A great hair salon in Oakland will utilize technology effectively to give customers the best experience. Not only should you be able to schedule an appointment easily, but the checkout procedures should be standardized. The hair salon should have a professional website that advertises the treatments and services available. Electronic portfolios and new video technology allows for better collaboration between guests and stylists.
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The Focus Is on the Client

Team members at a fantastic hair salon in Oakland will work together instead of competitively. This creates an environment where guests feel like everyone is in sync making every person feel special.

Team members form relationships with customers to ensure that you receive exactly what you want. Customer service efforts go beyond simply meeting expectations but providing a superior experience from the time the appointment is made until the next appointment.

Stylists and Therapists Are Professional and Experienced

Each team member should dress and look appropriate for their position. Stylists should spend time on their own looks each day to present themselves as experts in their field. A good hair salon in Oakland will stress ongoing education and training as part of the requirements for employment. Stylists have to stay current with trends, techniques and products. The best hair salons will bring in guest artists for their teams to learn to get better and embrace the changing industry. Good stylists will use that information to provide suggestions to you about updating your look based on trends and new products.

The Salon Is Dedicated to Cleanliness

Although this sounds like a no-brainer, there’s a lot to tell about the cleanliness of the salon. Look at the outside of the facility. Does it look like the owners care about your first impression? Inside, the facility should be clean and tidy. Are the products for sale on the shelves dusty or pristine? Team members should be dedicated to maintaining a clean appearance, from the tools they use to their own appearance. Even the bottles of product each stylist uses should be clean and clear of gunk and hair.

Customers Get Extensive Pampering

When you visit a salon, it’s not just for getting a hairstyle or manicure. Often, it’s about relaxing and taking some time away from the hustle and bustle of your routine. When you enter a good hair salon in Oakland, you’ll be pampered from the time you enter the spa. The salon should offer comfortable seating while you wait, a bottle of water or other drink option and maybe even a snack. Good salons take into account the entire experience and offer time to make decisions.

A Great Salon Is Run Like a Business

Salons that don’t have structure just won’t make it in today’s world. Even though many people in the industry get into cosmetology because they don’t want to be part of “Corporate America,” the reality is that salons that operate more like a corporation with systems and structure to provide a great customer experience are the ones that breed loyalty. There is a feeling of consistency when you make an appointment until you pay. You can be confident that the service you receive the first time you come in will be similar to the service that you’ll get the next time you make an appointment with the hair salon in Oakland.

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7 Tips on Choosing the Right Hair Salon Near You

Everyone Could Use Tips on Choosing the Right Hair Salon

Be honest, how long has it been since you’ve booked an appointment with a professional to get your hair done? Or perhaps you’ve just moved to a new city and, on top of not knowing anyone or where the best sushi is, you don’t know where you might book your next hair color or blowout service. Don’t worry, the below tips will give you confidence when choosing the right hair salon near you.
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1. Consider the Service You Want

Like the world of food and clothing, you choose a place based on your expectations. A hair stylist should be treated the same. If you’re looking to do your first-ever balayage or calligraphy haircut, it’s important that you choose someone who has plenty of experience and success in that area. Additionally, if your hair is curly or short, it’s likely best for you to pick a hair salon that’s familiar with those hair types.

2. Use Your Resources (A.K.A. the Internet)

There’s so much information readily available at your fingertips that sometimes it’s easy to gloss over. However, your best resource if you’re unsure which hair salon near me will best suit your needs (aside from actually visiting the place) is checking out what others have said. Check reviews online to get a feel for what another customer’s experience has been like. Obviously, take some commentary with a grain of salt since there tends to be “trolls” just about everywhere on the Internet.

3. Check Their Instagram

Social media has done a wonderful thing for businesses in that it’s provided them with a platform to really hone in on a brand and make that image available to a widespread audience. A salon’s Instagram can sometimes display even more character than their website. However, both are useful for you to establish the right hair salon near you.

4. Ask Around

Chances are you didn’t move to a Oakland for no reason. Perhaps it was a new job opportunity. If that’s the case, find a woman whose hair you admire or is similar to your hair type and strike up a conversation by asking where she gets it done. Not only will you likely gather useful information, but you just might make a friend in the process.

5. When in Doubt, Pick Up the Phone

Even more so than taking the internet for granted, people tend to really forget the value of a simple telephone conversation. Not only is it quicker, but you’re more likely to get all the information needed. Perhaps make a list of questions to ask if that helps you, and give the salon a call. You can tell a lot about a hair salon by how the receptionist handles your questions.

6. Book a Consultation

Say you’re almost ready to book a service with a stylist, but you’re a little hesitant whether the stylist can give you your desired result. Your best bet is to meet with the stylist and chat with him or her to decide whether it will be a good fit. Bring photos of your anticipated hairstyle and keep in mind any questions you might have.

7. Trust Your Gut

It’s said that our gut is actually our second brain, so it’s no wonder that it should be our best friend in times of uncertainty. When you go in for your consultation, or just to check out the salon, ask yourself if you feel comfortable and welcome, and whether it’s a place you would like to visit frequently.

Closing Thoughts

Choosing the right hair salon near you can be stressful and seem like a never-ending search. But with the above tips, and the power of what your own gut tells you, it’s no question that you’ll find the salon that fits your style.