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To Blowout or Not To Blowout in Oakland

Do you have an upcoming special event that you want to look your best for? Whether it’s a wedding, girls’ night out or a promising date night, you can make a staggering impression by getting your hair styled by a professional. Blowouts come in many shapes and sizes, and this hair treatment will leave you with a great looking do for days. Use this quick guide to help you figure out if this is the style you should get before your big event or typical weekday. Learn more about BIBO’s blowout bar options here.


Consider the Style

If you think all blowouts will leave your hair smooth and bouncy with a hint of curl near the ends, you’re wrong. You can get a blowout to match your style and personality. Some of the styles offered include the following:


  • Ringlet curls with lots of bounce
  • Traditional up-do
  • Fashionable braids
  • Edgy colors
  • Big volume
  • Loose, easy waves


When you go to a salon for a blowout, you don’t have to leave looking like everyone else. You can talk with your stylist to select a look that matches your event, budget and fashion sense. With so many options available, you could even get a different style blowout every time you come in.
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Feel Free To Communicate

While there may be some set styles you can choose from, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to create a one-of-a-kind look you’ll adore. Have an upfront conversation with your stylist before your session starts to ensure you get the results you wanted. If you have pictures of how you want your hair to look, you can bring those in. Blowouts can be personalized to your preferences, which gives you the fashionista power.


Treat Yourself

Have you been having a stressful week? Getting a blowout can be a relaxing experience similar to a massage or mani-pedi. You can choose to get your hair styled professionally simply to help yourself relax. Who says you need a big list of reasons to come in and get your hair styled? A little me time is reason enough.


Get a Look You Can’t Manage at Home

While many women choose to get blowouts for special occasions, you can go into a salon on a regular day of the week, too. This treatment can give you great looking hair that you can’t manage to create on your own at home. If you have unruly curly hair you want straightened, you can get a professional blowout to make your task easier. If you have flat hair that won’t keep volume, a blowout can help with that issue, too.


Go with the Experts

While your friend may be able to give you a passable blowout, chances are the longevity may not be as good. When you go to a salon for your blowouts, you get a hairdo that lasts three to seven days. Getting this hairstyle done at a high-end salon ensures you’ll have access to the great products you love and trust, including the following:


  • Light hold hairspray
  • Specialty shampoo for your hair type
  • Cool air blowers


If you’re on the fence about getting a blowout, working with a professional may make your decision easier. You know you will get a look you can feel confident with when you choose to blowout in Oakland. Not only that, but the products they use are often better for your hair and scalp than the stuff you use at home. The Kevin.Murphy product line, for example, boasts being sulphate and paraben free, great smelling and runway-quality.


Schedule Your Appointment Today

Once you look at the facts behind blowouts, it’s easy to realize that you should always choose to blowout. Not only will this treatment leave you with an amazing looking do, but it will help you feel more confident and beautiful in your own style. Whether you want to get ready for a big event or simply want to make yourself feel better on a typical weekday, schedule your appointment for a blowout today.