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Dear Career Minded Beauty Professionals

Are you an aspiring beauty professional looking to join a diverse team of talented stylists? Do you want to grow in your craft with a veteran developed education program? Does working at a black / Woman owned business that values all gender expressions align with your career goals?


At BIBO Salon, we believe in the power of diversity and creativity to bring out the best in every stylist. That’s why we offer an education program that is tailored to your individual needs, as well as a team of talented stylists who are eager to help you grow your craft.


We are a black / Woman-owned business that values all gender expressions, so you know that you will be valued and respected when you join our team. Our vibrant location in Oakland uptowns is the perfect place to express your creativity and grow your career. 


You will have the opportunity to grow quickly while learning from some of the best stylists in the industry. Plus, our salon is always bustling with activity, so you will never run out of things to do. Contact us today to schedule a tour!

As a Summit Salon, we pride ourselves on not only offering our stylist a beneficial educational experience, but also helping them gain an understanding of business practices that will help them further their career. BIBO Salon offers a profound lesson in the power of serving others without ego and from a place of love. We are passionate about empowering others by passing on knowledge and wisdom that we ourselves have received, so that those we serve can dream as big as they dare, and live the life that they always wanted.

Apprentice/Associate Program

This program is ideal for stylists new to the industry. As an apprentice you will work with a high level stylist who will teach you how they built their clientele, help you perfect your skills and teach you fun and advanced techniques they have acquired over the years. Apprentices will also be invited to all advanced education classes and still enjoy the monthly coaching sessions to set goals and make action plans to achieve them. The apprentice level is on average 3-6 months long but is tapered to the needs of each apprentice’s education and goals. Apprentices get to do hair! You will perform shampoo services, finishing services, and color applications side by side with your coaching stylist as well as receive client days where you can take your own clients without your coach. During the apprentice program you will be paid hourly plus tips.

These business building skills mean that, if you choose to, you can build a long-term career doing what you love. Our Associates learn: 

  • Business Skills to Grow a Clientele
  • Tools to Track and Measure
  • Mentorship and Personal Development
  • Use the Summit Salon Systems to earn $100,000 annually.

Please submit your resume as well as a brief cover letter introducing yourself and your personal philosophies below (or email for consideration by our management team. You may also contact us at 510-838-2426 for any further questions.

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